M-Files connection to Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV
M-Files connection to Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV
M-Files connection to Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV

Invoice processing with DMS integration

Process invoices with Continia Document Capture and the DMS system M-Files

The DMS Connector for Dynamics 365 Business Central is TSO-DATAs answer to bring efficiently together the invoice processing of Continia Document Capture and the DMS system M-Files, so that you can have an efficient process for invoice processing and take full advantage of the benefits of ERP and DMS in parallel. Get to know the process here in its individual steps and discover the great benefits.

Invoice processing process with DMS integration

Do you see invoice archiving as part of your company-wide document management strategy? And do you envisage being able to retrieve all departmental documents in the DMS system?

Get a first overview of a possible process in the video or from the following diagram.

Incoming invoice process with Document Capture and M-Files in detail

With the seamless integration of M-Files and Document Capture, every step can be completed and you always get the best of both systems.

The individual steps in detail

1. read in the document

To get started with the invoice process, firstly the PDF files must be scanned in. These files can be automatically uploaded to M-Files or Document Capture either from specified email addresses or from a network directory for scanned documents. After that, they will be automatically forwarded from M-Files to Document Capture.

2. capturing (automatic document recognition) and "pre-accounting" or factual verification

The system supports you in reading out header and line information. Order and delivery matching is also no problem. In this step, all relevant metadata for the further steps in M-Files (setting invoice approvers and archiving incl. metadata) are defined.


3. document registration (creation of the EC invoice in BC)

The registration of the "captured" or extracted document creates an A/P invoice or credit note in Business Central. This automatically overwrites the extracted information into both the BC fields and the metadata for M-Files.

4. professional examination (approval)

Do you have a two- or three-stage approval process? You want to add comments? You want to assign approvals to "teams" instead of individuals? All of this is possible with M-Files' graphical workflow designer. Due to the flexibility of the designer, many clients choose to do the approval in M-Files rather than in BC.

5. booking in Business Central

After the approval is completed, the accounting department is informed that the invoice can be posted. The document in M-Files and the invoice card in BC are each hyperlinked.

6. audit-proof archiving in M-Files

When booking, all linked documents are transferred to the booked invoice card in Business Central. In addition, the DMS Connector also updates the booking in the workflow for the document in M-Files. An extension of the integration into the payment process is also possible.

For more information on the invoice processing process with Document Capture and M-Files, watch the recording of our webcast on "Automating the capture of incoming invoices based on Business Central/NAV". Watch the whole webcast or jump directly to the areas of interest to you:

  • 7:40 Brief introduction to M-Files
  • 10:45 Brief introduction(M-Files) DMS Connector für Business Central
  • 11:50 Brief introductionContinia Document Capture
  • 13:15 Invoice receipt process with Document Capture and M-Files simply explained
  • 19:03 LIVE presentation - voucher upload
  • 20:08 LIVE presentation - autom. document capture with Document Capture - cost accounting
  • 26:23 LIVE presentation - autom. document capture with Document Capture - commercial invoice with order reference
  • 31:34 LIVE presentation - autom. document capture with Document Capture - XInvoice
  • 35:54 LIVE Presentation - Invoice Approval in M-Files
  • 45:38 LIVE presentation - booking in Business Central
  • 50:29 LIVE presentation - integration into the payment process
  • 55:24 Project scope
  • 55:43 Question and answer session

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