LS Central AddOns
LS Central AddOns
LS Central AddOns

LS Monitoring

With active notifications

Monitor background processes of the LS system and be actively notified as soon as an operation has not been completed or an error has occurred. After receipt of the notification - whether by e-mail or SMS - the error is easily found and can be corrected remotely using the integrated remote function.

About LS Monitoring

The TSO-DATA LS Monitoring is a tool for monitoring the decentralized stores within a LS landscape. Within the stores, the system data is collected and replicated to the head office via the LS Data Director. In the head office, all important parameters can be viewed in the role center designed for this purpose. To react fast even in critical situations, email notifications are sent, which can be customized individually.

Highlights of LS Monitoring

  • One-Click Configuration
  • Easily accessible error overview
  • Additional database, backup & system monitoring
  • Automatic alerts via email & SMS
  • Individual settings
  • Remote connect function
  • Forecasting the DB size

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