Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA

Microsoft Power BI Desktop – August 2021 Update

Do you want to have transparent and clear access to your company data - whether in your office or on the road? Then Microsoft Power BI is the right entry point for your business intelligence from the Microsoft Cloud. Several new features and previews have been made available for the August update of Microsoft's Power BI business intelligence solution.


Shape formatting customization

Your report pages can now be designed and structured even more flexibly. Shapes that you add to your Power BI reports can be customized using various controls. For example, rounded rectangles or arrows have been added:

Improvements to the constant X-axis line

After numerous feedbacks from the Power BI community, the "constant X-axis line " gets enhancement by conditional formatting as well as the so-called "shading" of the areas in front of or behind the constant X-axis line.


Configuration Settings

By default, Power BI Desktop optimizes query performance when importing data or using DirectQuery by evaluating tables simultaneously. Until now, it was only possible to change these settings via the registry. This changes now, because if the data import takes too long or Power BI Desktop uses too many resources on the computer, you have the following two configuration options:

  • Maximum number of simultaneous evaluations. This configures the parallelization level for query execution in PowerQuery.
  • Maximum memory usage per concurrent evaluation. This configures the amount of memory available per evaluation.


Sharing Q&A synonyms.

Many users use a variety of terms to refer to the same field, such as total sales, net sales, total net sales. From now on, the sharing of the synonyms is supported for all the employees of your company. So you can use the synonyms of your colleagues and minimize your effort in adding the synonyms.

You can find a detailed explanation of the new features in the release notes.

These are just some of the new features, you can find more on the Microsoft Power BI blog and summarized in this video:

Power BI Update - August 2021

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