Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA

TSO-DATA Nürnberg GmbH donates to Caritas children's and youth centre Stapf

This year, Managing Director Rainer Fischer remains true to his promise "We'll be back!". For the third time in a row, TSO-DATA Nürnberg GmbH is supporting the Caritas children's and youth centre Stapf in St. Leonhard in Nuremberg and is thus continuing its cooperation. This year, a donation of € 3,000.00 will be handed over to Franz Ochs, director of the children's and youth centre, and Susanne Beyer, director of the curative education day care centre for pre-school children.

Barbara Biedermann presents the donation cheque to Susanne Beyer (head of the HPT mini group).


"We are very happy about the renewed donation and the continued cooperation with TSO-DATA," says Franz Ochs. This year's donation will go towards the establishment of an "HPT mini group", a curative education day care centre for pre-school children, which Ms Beyer will manage. The aim of the educational support plan is to initiate and promote positive development for the children through social learning in the safe and stable framework of a group with a maximum of 8 places, as well as through intensive cooperation with the family. The process is supported by therapeutic and curative education in the specialised service, so that the children are optimally prepared physically, mentally and socially when they enter school life. TSO-DATA is very pleased to once again become regionally active and to be able to support the Stapf together with children, young people and families.  

The Caritas Children's and Youth House Stapf offers children, young people and families services and support in various situations in life - from crèche, kindergarten or after-school care places, to day care facilities for disabled children (also integrative forms), to partial inpatient, inpatient and outpatient forms in the case of educational problems. Many full-time and voluntary staff members as well as companies such as TSO-DATA Nuremberg contribute to the facility's ability to offer the best possible individual care, support and encouragement.  

TSO-DATA is known in the industry as an innovative IT company. The group of companies has more than 200 employees in Osnabrück, Nuremberg and Bremen. As an IT specialist and Microsoft partner, the company is particularly enthusiastic about the development, implementation and realisation of modern IT solutions - both nationally and internationally. In doing so, TSO-DATA relies on future-proof technologies that can be specially adapted to the needs of medium-sized companies.

"Every child deserves to be individually supported and protected on their journey through life. We are enthusiastic about the concept of the Caritas Kinder- und Jugendhaus Stapf, which offers every individual the opportunity for positive development," says Barbara Biedermann, HR manager and shareholder of TSO-DATA Nürnberg GmbH.

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