Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA

Successful digitalization of personnel management - practical example NAPA3 of haveldata GmbH

Successful digitalisation of personnel management

The advancing globalisation is making its way into companies - and goes hand in hand with digitalisation. Growing pressure on companies to perform is further intensified by ongoing demographic change. The need of qualified employees is continuously becoming more and more apparent in all industries: In times of "war of talents" it is becoming even more important to integrate, promote and train skilled employees well in the company. In this way, employees can be tied to a company and fluctuation can be demonstrably reduced. 

But who takes care of the digitalisation of HR?

Many companies entrust their existing human resources departments with the task of meeting the increasing challenges in human resources management with digital solutions. This is because the employees in their HR department have in-depth HR knowledge and can match the requirements of their company with those of their employees.

The goal: to make the administrative tasks of HR work as efficient as possible - a wide field that includes, among other things, the preparation of pay slips, employment contracts or the processing of inquiries regarding social security and company pension schemes.

However, as challenges increase, the HR department is no longer primarily responsible for job interviews and job references, but can and must increasingly be seen as an advisor to management. It acts as a link between the departments for all matters relating to personnel, ensuring that the right decisions are made quickly and that necessary measures can be initiated.

But as the volume of tasks increases, the problem areas also increase:

  • Chaos in files and folders:
    Even today, many companies still manage their personnel files using non-transparent card index systems, either paper-based or in endless Excel spreadsheets.

  • Department handover is time-consuming:
    With an individual file and card index system within a personnel department, the handover of the department in case of a change of employees or a short-term absence is time-consuming and risky. For the successor, an uncertainty factor and a struggle with the individual working methods of the predecessor arise.

  • Unused potential:
    All processes within the department take up more time and effort than necessary when handled manually. The less automated the processes within the HR department are, the more often repetitive and inefficient processes have a negative impact.

Anyone who wants to avoid all this relies on HR software to support their own human resources management. With their help, HR work becomes digital: from the digital personnel file, through target agreement and special bonus administration, to automated talent management, work becomes much easier, faster and clearer.

Examples from practice

In order to switch from the manual to the digital HR age, a reliable and flexible tool is needed that can map the individual requirements. A tried and tested solution for this is offered, for example, by haveldata with its powerful HR management software NAPA3.

NAPA3 is a modern, intelligent personnel management system that can be used to make the daily tasks in the areas of procurement, administration, support and accounting of personnel more efficient.

But also numerous other processes can be massively relieved with a software like NAPA3:  

  • Winning the right employees for the right tasks:
    With the NAPA3 career portal, you can completely map your recruiting processes and automate workflows with just a few clicks - from job postings on the company website and external job exchanges to the receipt and processing of application documents and e-mail communication for interview invitations. And, by the way, you also improve your image as an employer through shorter reaction times, professional handling and a strong appearance.

  • Collect all important information on all employees and make data available centrally:
    Application documents, master data, employment contracts, educational certificates, qualifications, work equipment or the minutes of the employee interview are stored clearly and electronically in a digital personnel file using HR tools such as NAPA3 Personnel Administration. With just a few clicks you can access it - across locations and independent of time.

  • Shift manual information capture from the HR department to the employees:
    With Employee Self Services such as tESSa (also from haveldata), HR departments can make all these documents available to their employees very easily, so that queries about master data and absences are no longer necessary. Employees can simply enter or edit such data themselves, at any time and from any location. Important: security certificates for secure data transfer such as Security made in Germany at tESSa.

  • Secure payroll accounting digitally:
    The requirements for correct payroll accounting have increased considerably in recent years: Gross wage calculation, wage tax, solidarity surcharge, social security, company pension scheme and many other items must be taken into account if all legal requirements are to be met. Here too, early error detection and automation measures of programs such as NAPA3 help.

Digitization is advancing. Keep up and use all the potential that is available!

Free online workshop - haveldata and TSO-DATA

haveldata GmbH is a long-standing TSO-DATA partner. Based on Dynamics 365, the Brandenburg-based company develops software solutions for human resources, time management and cost accounting. NAPA3 is a flexible, feature-rich human resources management software that can map your individual requirements.

Find out more in our practical example or in our joint, free online workshop "Digital Personnel Management with NAPA3 - Best conditions for efficient personnel work" on 28.05.2020 from 10:00 to 11:00 - Learn more.

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