Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA

Why two-factor authentication will protect you better

Are you wondering what two-factor authentication is all about and why this step is highly recommended? The reason is obvious, because the measure also increases the security of your Microsoft cloud accounts such as Office 365 or Azure. Two-Factor Authentication (also known as Multi-Factor Authentication, MFA) is a common way to further and significantly strengthen the security of accounts. For access, a further factor must be named in addition to the user name and password as the first factor.

The classic login to an Internet portal and/or to a specific program is still done by entering a user name and the corresponding password. If both entries are correct, that person is granted access to the underlying resource. However, a general check of the actual user does not occur in such a classic case. Especially in today's times, when millions of user data are regularly entering Darkweb and sold there, companies have to ask themselves, if this simple way of registration is still future-proof and above all secure

What is two-factor authentication?

To secure such logon processes and to protect access to company resources, another factor can be added to this process in addition to the user and password. This factor can be, for example, a code that you receive via SMS or an app on your smartphone.

By adding this additional security barrier, users will be prompted to enter another code received only on their smartphone after successfully entering their user data. Only when this code has also been successfully entered will the registration process be completed.

For the user who has access to both the login data and his smartphone, this is an easy game. For hackers or unknown third parties who have only intercepted the access data, however, this is a big problem: As a rule, they have the login data but not the user's smartphone and can access it.

Advantage: greatly increased safety

The whole registration process is extended by one step, which should be acceptable in view of the significant increase in security. Even if the personal password has been spied out by third parties, access is not possible without the mobile device or a token. As a concept, the MFA has proven itself and has significantly improved the security of Microsoft Cloud Accounts.

The conversion of your Office 365 account to the secure logon procedure can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively, if necessary the function is already included in your plan. So do not hesitate and let us check whether your company data is optimally protected.

Microsoft also offers an Authenticator app for Android devices in the Google Playstore

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