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What is TARGIT - Business Intelligence?

Around 45,000 users worldwide work with the business intelligence software "TARGIT". This makes TARGIT the most important BI system for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV. The TARGIT Business Analytics Suite consolidates unstructured information from different data sources, processes it and thus supports strategic decisions.

What can TARGIT - Business Intelligence do?

TARGIT is a powerful business intelligence software that can handle even complex databases of different origins. This enables companies to keep an overview of relevant information.
With the BI system you can:

  • design with professional tools, business cockpits and analyses
  • identify trends and deviations quickly and react accordingly
  • automatically create and distribute periodic reports
  • limit the scope of employees to their area of responsibility

What are the advantages of TARGIT - Business Intelligence?

The business intelligence software TARGIT, is a powerful, yet easy-to-use BI system from which companies benefit in several ways. The open technology and a flexible program structure allow TARGIT to be used in all conceivable operational scenarios.

BI Advantage 1: Meaningful

TARGIT combines information from different data sources. This data is bundled, compressed and processed in a decision-oriented way - for example as an annual report or as part of a business cockpit. The BI system enables management to make quick and secure decisions.

BI Advantage 2: Versatile

The demand for professional BI reports is high in medium-sized companies. But sometimes every employee has a different view of the company. With the business intelligence software TARGIT, reports and business cockpits can therefore be tailored to the individual information needs of users.

BI Advantage 3: Simplicity

The BI system TARGIT makes relevant business figures available company-wide. This ensures that all employees work with the same, up-to-date data. The simple tools of the BI system allow analyses without great effort. The excuse "I wasn't informed" no longer applies.

BI Advantage 4: Integration capability

The big advantage of BI software from a technical point of view is its easy integration into different IT landscapes. TARGIT fits particularly well with Microsoft technologies such as Business Central / NAV and CRM Dynamics 365. The Business Intelligence system has predefined analysis paths on board for both solutions.

What characterizes TARGIT - Business Intelligence?

TARGIT is a modern Business Intelligence software. Users benefit from numerous functions that are far from standard in other systems. Good examples of this are, for example:

1. Hyper Related OLAP - The next question please

Summarized key figures and charts sometimes raise more questions than provide answers. With Targit, a mouse click is all it takes to investigate causes and relationships. Drill-down" allows you to track reports and key figures down to the document level. The intelligent full-text search is also able to link structured evaluations with unstructured information such as e-mails.

2. mobile business figures - business charts for the vest pocket

More and more people also want to access current business figures on the move - for example in credit negotiations or customer meetings. Fewer and fewer are prepared to open the "tow top" for this purpose. Via "TARGIT Touch" you can call up current company information via web browser, iPhone or iPad.

3. intelligent desktop - business always in view

Important key figures and analyses can be displayed directly on the Windows desktop. In this way, managers and managing directors can keep an eye on their area of responsibility even when TARGIT is not open.

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