Dynamics 365 Business Central - PowerStart
Dynamics 365 Business Central - PowerStart
Dynamics 365 Business Central - PowerStart

Business Central Online - PowerStart

Get started right away with TSO-DATA and ERP from the cloud

You want to use a modern ERP business solution and start as quickly and efficiently as possible? Or you are already using Dynamics NAV, want to switch to the cloud or have already switched and now need professional support and enhancements? Then the TSO-DATA PowerStart with Business Central is just right for you!

Take advantage of our experience from successful on-premises and cloud projects and our proven methodology!

What is the PowerStart concept?

Business Central Online is the platform for rapid business success. Get the professional and optimal support for your business with our PowerStart services. Starting with our free initial consultations, we define the right PowerStart packages for your objective:

  • Workshop or direct start with the TSO-DATA best practice set-up checklist and prepared templates
  • Quick basic set-up with the PowerStart configuration package tailored to your needs
  • Flexible support for the start-up of specific areas of the Business Central application
  • Competent advice, support and training through personal contact persons
  • Support and guidance for process set-up and commissioning of additional apps for Business Central
  • Support for self-service with information, training documents and open online seminars

PowerStart Configuration Packages

TSO-DATA can provide you with an optimised package in addition to the standard Microsoft setup - advantage: less effort, faster, more complete!
Building on one of the available configuration packages and our proven implementation strategy, the optimal setup of your company based on Business Central Online can be done in no time.

Configuration package
TSO-DATA Best Practice
Configuration package
> Chart of accounts (based on SKR03)> Chart of accounts (SKR03, SKR04 or individual for selection)
> Basic set-up> Setup template for over 150 tables for finance and merchandise management (SCM)
> Document templates (Word) for selection
> Performance specification and instructions
> More than 30 % faster
Inform yourself now! Our recommendation - inform yourself now!

PowerStart assistance

The PowerStart Workshop prepares you specifically for the introduction of Business Central Online. Would you like a preliminary analysis of whether the Business Central Online solution is right for you? Then the PowerStart assistance is the right start for you.

  • Determination of goals and expectations
  • Brief analysis of your company
  • Mapping of your data and processes in Dynamics 365 Business Central 
  • Planning and mapping of individual interfaces to other systems, as well as individual extensions
  • Details for system maintenance, roles and authorizations, planning of licenses and modules
  • Additional tasks and specifications for setup, training, testing and go-live  

PowerStart implementation

Do you have a clear idea of your goals with Business Central? Then you can get started with Business Central Online and the right configuration package - even without a workshop!


Basic setup (8 hrs.)

  • Activation of a Business Central environment
  • Common setup via checklist
  • Import of master data
  • Individual document (invoice) in Word design
  • Import of accounting data (balances / open items)
  • Creation of a test system and handover

Advanced basic setup and first steps in Business Central (8 hrs.)

  • Import of additional master data
  • Working in Business Central (filter, search, enter)
  • Basics of sales, purchasing, financial accounting
  • Further documents in Word design for sales
  • Preparation Go-Live

Go-Live (8 hrs.)

  • Documents in Word design (order and reminder)
  • Setup of additional services (Outlook)
  • Support in the go-live process
  • Accompaniment and support during live operation

In the structured blocks, we guide you through the setup, advise and implement your requirements in Business Central Standard. With each additional block, we deepen the setup and the possible processes you want to map in Business Central. At any time you have the possibility to continue the further steps independently on the basis achieved or to use the TSO-DATA support and consulting, including the start-up.


What users say


For a quick setup we need at least your master data based on debtors and creditors. If you want to use the system for merchandise management, the articles are also necessary. For this purpose, there are Excel templates that can be filled by you independently.
Due to our optimized setup packages, you can then work directly in the system.  


There are Excel templates for the transfer of non-cash items, which have to be filled according to specifications. This can be done via balance carry-forwards or via line items.
The open customer and vendor items are also imported into the system and posted via Excel templates.  

These can be filled by you via Excel data templates and transferred and posted in the system.


For this purpose, we have developed an extra setup package, which takes exactly this into account. In addition to the master data, we need your chart of accounts. This will then be incorporated by us into the booking logic.


This is not a problem, but will delay the project.


You can request a service description from us, this contains all accounts that are currently included in the SKR03/04 setup packages.  
Alternatively, you can also rely on the productive setup from Microsoft, here a leaned SKR03 chart of accounts is integrated, which you can see e.g. in the Cronus client.
We are also available for a free initial consultation and presentation of our implementation strategy.


Then feel free to contact us personally. In addition to our packages, we can also provide you with customized offers.


PowerStart Advanced

Use all the power from the Business Central cosmos to perfect your solution!
Choose from a variety of other packages and get the perfect support for setup, instruction and commissioning from a single source.



  • Including offer, order, prepayment, delivery, invoice, complaint and credit note.

1.500,00 €


  • Including item procurement parameters, order proposal, inquiry, order, delivery, invoice, return and credit note.

1.500,00 €

OPplus Payment import and export*

  • Setup and first basics                                                        

600,00 €

GDPR ToolBox

  • Basic setup, basic training and monitoring                                                                                                                                        

450,00 €

Assets accounting

  • Microsoft assets accounting - one day training with preparation/planning and summary

1.500,00 €


  • Setup and the first export for the tax advisor                                                                                                                                                                                             

450,00 €

WebConnector / Webshop-Connection*

  • Article upload, order transfer, status update with the TSO-DATA WebConnector

2.400,00 €

DMS Connector

  • Basic setup and master data integration to M-Files or Microsoft SharePoint                                                                               

1.200,00 €

More packages?

  • Your package is not included?                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Contact us!

The approach is always based on the usual activities: Pre-agreement, setup, training, provision of training materials and a summary in each case in form of individual web sessions.

* The package requires the corresponding app, through which monthly costs are incurred.

Setup and support usually refers to one client already basically set up in Business Central. For multiple clients or different areas, we recommend the PowerStart support package.

PowerStart Support

Would you like to receive the security of support and advice for your active Business Central environment or coordinate individual questions and requirements across all areas with a competent contact person?
You would like to receive the active support and consulting for new versions, further extensions and individual enhancements?

Then benefit from our PowerStart support packages and the large TSO-DATA expert team. Choose according to your needs.

  • Basic: 8 hrs. contingent (incl. SLA for 1 month)
  • Bronze: 24 hrs. contingent (incl. SLA for 3 months)
  • Further contingents on request

Request and order now!

Jan Grundmann

Sales Microsoft Dynamics 365 

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