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LS Central AddOns
LS Central AddOns

LS Monitor - Add-on for LS Central

Monitor background processes, active notifications

Monitor the background processes of the LS Retail system and your branch business at the same time with LS Monitor. Be actively notified as soon as a process in your retail software has not been executed or an error has occurred. After receiving the notification by e-mail, a solution is quickly found and can also be provided remotely with the help of the integrated remote function.


How does LS Monitor work?

LS Monitor ist ein Add-on für die Retail-Software LS Central und überwacht Hintergrundprozesse

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The TSO-DATA LS Monitor is a tool for monitoring background processes of the decentralised stores within an LS Retail landscape. Within the stores, the data of the system is collected and replicated to the head office by means of the LS Data Director.

In the head office, all important parameters can be monitored in the role centre designed for this purpose. In order to be able to react quickly in critical situations, e-mail notifications are sent, which can be adapted as desired.

Monitor your individual branches in a centralised way. Compare and analyse the performance and draw your conclusions. Be automatically notified by e-mail of any problems that arise so that they can be rectified at short notice and thus avoid disruptions in the business process.


Your advantages with LS Monitor

High transparency and user-friendly operation 

LS Monitor indicates inconsistencies in the system or in your branches transparently and clearly. In the familiar role centre, possible incidents are grouped and displayed as tiles.

If an error occurs, the corresponding tile changes visibly to red and informs you at a glance about the status of the system. In addition, you receive a clear graphic that also shows problems that have already been solved, so that you can better identify more conspicuous sources of error.

Smooth branch operations through automatic notifications

Be actively notified by e-mail by LS Monitor to be able to rectify errors as quickly as possible and thus ensure smooth branch operations. The e-mails can be created in any language, and you can also determine the persons to whom selected error messages should be addressed. The frequency of the e-mail dispatch can also be adjusted and thus enables seamless monitoring of your system.

The branches and cash registers always in view

The LS Monitor business monitoring module is available from LS Central version 16 and allows you to monitor individual, selected branches in their operations and at the same time evaluate all branches on the central dashboard for a more global overview.

The branch dashboard shows you the current situation of your individual branches. Check the performance of sales and be informed about special features and anomalies in the branch dashboard exceptions area.


On the central dashboard you can compare and evaluate the key figures of all your branches collected at a glance. Set the monitoring for a period of your choice and thus analyse selected time periods.


LS Monitor is available both as a cloud version via Microsoft AppSource and in an on-premises deployment. Both versions provide you with KPI monitoring metrics, Data Director monitoring and replication and processing error alerts. In the on-premises version, you also have access to hardware-related information such as the size of the database, free hard disk space, backup information and more.

LS Monitor can also be used in hybrid systems, i.e. when using both online and offline checkouts simultaneously.

The highlights of LS Monitor in summary

  • One-Click Configuration
  • Easily accessible and transparent error overview
  • Additional database, backup & system monitoring
  • Automatic alerts via e-mail
  • Individual settings
  • Remote connect function
  • Forecasting of the DB size

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