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IT infrastructure security
IT infrastructure security

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Secure your IT infrastructure

IT security is the be-all and end-all of every IT environment. Whether due to unintentional human error or unplanned incidents such as a fire - data loss occurs faster than expected. The consequences can be devastating. Not only do critical business data get lost, but customer data can also be affected by a virus. With the right strategy, you can protect your data against unauthorized access and attacks.


Maybe you can ensure 100% that a flood can't harm you. And maybe you have already divided your company building into fire compartments. Very good, but no double security lock helps against targeted attacks from outside. Instead, you rely on systems that protect you from hacker attacks, viruses, worms, spam and the like.

Point one on your security checklist should be a secure firewall that shields your internal network from the Internet and prevents outside access to corporate data. With the help of a firewall's set of rules, you determine which data can be accessed from outside to inside or from inside to outside.

The most important functions of a firewall:

  • Regulation and logging of Internet usage
  • Data traffic protection for incoming and outgoing connections
  • Protection against external attacks via the Internet
  • Alerting of suspicious attacks

Choosing the right firewall and its configuration is complex. If you start a project hand in hand with us as your partner, you will benefit from our experience and receive the highest and best possible protection measures for your company data. 

Protection against digital blackmail using an appliance

XB3Observer provides advanced protection against ransomware by closely monitoring network traffic to detect anomalies and suspicious activity. It effectively protects data and systems from unauthorized access and extortion attempts.



The solution is characterized by the monitoring of typical Windows environments, the detection of ransomware attacks, monitoring of the Active Directory for suspicious activities and the detailed documentation of all accesses. This makes it much easier to restore operational readiness after an attack.

How it works

XB3Observer continuously analyzes network traffic, identifies ransomware attacks in the shortest possible time and prevents them from spreading. It also monitors the Active Directory to detect new users with administrator rights.


The appliance can be easily integrated into Windows networks without the need for installation on client computers. This simplifies implementation considerably.

VPN - your secure connection

VPN technology (Virtual Private Network) connects networks via the Internet and enables secure and encrypted data transmission. Possible applications would be the connection of branch offices, mobile work or the connection of remote users to the central company network - thanks to a VPN connection, employees can connect to the company network regardless of their geographical location.

This scenario can also be implemented for Microsoft Azure. Our goal is to help you establish a secure tunnel between your firewall, corporate network or Azure VPN gateway so you can access your virtual Azure networks from any location. Our certified firewalls are the optimal basis for secure communication in the Azure Cloud.

Anti-virus and anti-spam solutions to protect your systems from viruses and Trojans

In recent years and months, every company owner and IT manager has become aware of how important reliable anti-virus software is in times of encryption Trojans. Nevertheless, many companies are still driving without an anti-virus driver's license. It is our concern that our customers always move through the net with the best possible protection.

Your anti-virus solution should therefore be easy to install and centrally administer so that it can be used inside and outside your company - no matter how many clients are in use. We recommend multi-level anti-virus protection for maximum security with award-winning anti-virus technologies, centralized control and automatic protection for all Windows servers, workstations, notebooks and mobile devices.

Data backup

The regular backup of servers and clients is essential to compensate possible data losses. Defects and accidents are not the only causes of data loss. Malware such as viruses or Trojans are also a frequent cause. Data loss is associated with high costs and consequential business risks. With a backup solution tailored to your needs, you minimize this risk and ensure a high level of security.

We examine on a case-by-case basis how important individual file systems are for corporate security in order to design backup solutions that meet your requirements. Our following services offer professional and cost-efficient security standards:

  • Consulting, installation, support and maintenance
  • Monitoring of data backup systems
  • Fast response times for recovery
  • Flexible adjustments of the backup strategy
  • Local and online based backup solutions

E-mail archiving

As of 01.01.2017, e-mail archiving became mandatory for every company as part of the GoBD. This includes all e-mail correspondence through which a transaction is prepared, processed, concluded or reversed. Examples are invoices, orders, letters of complaint, payment receipts and contracts.

  • Central e-mail archive
  • Secure availability of e-mails
  • Compliance with all legal requirements
  • Assistance in complying with the EU GDPR
  • Reduce the load on email servers and storage
  • Simplification of backup and restore

We recommend that you use e-mail archiving as an Exchange Online service if an Exchange Online environment is already installed. But a local installation is also possible. Contact us - together we will find the right way for you.

Our partner solutions:

  • Microsoft
  • NoSpamProxy
  • G DATA
  • WatchGuard
  • Mailstore

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