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IT infrastructure Microsoft 365
IT infrastructure Microsoft 365

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Make the work in your company flexible, modern and effective. The Microsoft products offer you an excellent basis. Get to know them here.

Microsoft SQL Server

As a relational database management system, Microsoft SQL Server was specifically designed by Microsoft for applications in the corporate environment.

Microsoft SQL Server is more flexible today than ever before. Customers have the choice between different development languages, data types, deployment forms and operating systems. Even intelligent, business-critical applications and particularly scalable hybrid database platforms can be implemented using Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server can be run on servers, in the data center, in the private cloud or in a public cloud such as Microsoft Azure.

Your benefits with Microsoft SQL Server:

  • Free choice of programming language and platform - on-premises or in the cloud
  • in-memory functions
  • Proven database management system with lowest market vulnerability
  • Comprehensive analysis thanks to real-time intelligence
  • Mobile end-to-end BI

Server Editions:

Enterprise - High performance for demanding and mission-critical database and BI requirements. Provides the highest levels of service and performance for top-level workloads.

Standard - Basic management and business intelligence features for workloads with minimal IT resources.

Developer - Free, full-featured version of SQL Server software that enables developers to cost-effectively build, test, and demonstrate SQL Server software-based applications.

Express - Free entry-level database, ideal for exploring and building data-based applications for desktops and small servers up to 10 GB.

Microsoft Windows Server

The key argument for Microsoft Windows Server is scalability. Windows Server 2019 is the operating system that connects on-premises environments to Microsoft Azure. In addition to additional security levels, you benefit from the modernization of your applications and infrastructures.

As an efficient server platform, the Microsoft System Management Server meets all the requirements of classic system management. Despite all the variety of functions, the user-friendliness is not lost.

  • Scaling of workloads and stable recovery options
  • Cost-effective high-performance storage options
  • Easy deployment of multi-instance IT services
  • Local or cloud-based deployment, execution and monitoring of a wide range of applications
  • Secure access to corporate resources and applications

Licensing models for Microsoft Windows Server:

  • Datacenter - Highly Virtualized Data Centers and Hybrid Cloud Environments
  • Standard - physical or slightly virtualized environments
  • Essentials - small businesses with up to 25 users and 50 devices

Microsoft Remote Desktop Service

Windows Server's Remote Desktop Server role provides technologies that enable users to access Windows-based programs and an entire Windows desktop. Thanks to the Remote Desktop Client, users can access a terminal server within a corporate network or via the Internet.

Remote Desktop Services enable efficient deployment and management of software within an enterprise environment. Deliver programs to a central location and save time managing and updating by installing them on the terminal server.

Deploying a program on a terminal server, rather than on each individual device, offers many advantages:

  • Quickly deploy Windows-based programs to the entire corporate network
  • Faster management and updating thanks to central control
  • Reduce network bandwidth
  • Increase user productivity and flexibility (access from home computers, kiosk systems, etc.)
  • Integration of branch office employees

Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online

Work from virtually anywhere - check your email on the way, increase the productivity of your processes, and still keep your organization secure. Microsoft Exchange is the central repository and management of email, appointments, contacts, tasks and more for multiple users. 

Microsoft Exchange Online - hosted E-Mails

It has never been easier to enable employees to work productively with an email solution. Your benefits with Microsoft Exchange Online:

  • Automatic patching, saves time and effort for system maintenance
  • In-situ archive to give users the ability to centrally archive important data
  • Supports all popular browsers and devices 
  • Data protection, anti-virus software and anti-spam filtering
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) - protection against accidental data transmission to unauthorized persons
  • High availability guaranteed by Microsoft

Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving

Looking for a cloud-based archiving solution? Then you've found what you're looking for. With Microsoft Exchange Online, you can meet all your archiving, compliance, regulatory and eDiscovery challenges. To ensure security, Exchange Online Archiving is hosted on redundant Microsoft servers worldwide.

Rely on state-of-the-art, reliable physical and digital security to protect your data:

  • Store critical data in one central location with in-situ archive with native and well-integrated user interface
  • Keep data unchanged and store user data in in-situ memory for possible later searches
  • Worldwide distributed data centers with continuous data protection and world-class disaster recovery
  • High availability and phone support from Microsoft
  • Each subscriber receives a limited archive store
  • eDiscovery capabilities help you find, create and manage enterprise data through an easy-to-use web interface
  • Consistent data access, so that e.g. users have access to archived emails at any time
  • Automatic Updates
  • Retention policies help users organize their data

Migration Microsoft Exchange

We use a migration tool to migrate the Exchange data from your current server to a new server environment. No matter which version of the Exchange Server you are currently using: With the help of the program we migrate from Exchange to Exchange without any problems. The migration tool is particularly helpful if you want to move your users to another system environment.

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