Connect Dynamics 365 with third-party systems
Connect Dynamics 365 with third-party systems
Connect Dynamics 365 with third-party systems

Interfaces provide connection

Supplement CRM Dynamics 365 with third-party systems

You are using CRM-Dynamics 365 and would like to add further systems to your business solution? Thanks to our interfaces, we can respond individually and flexibly to your needs and connect your system with ERP systems, web shops or other applications. 

Data integration through KingswaySoft - Dynamics 365 with third party systems connect

KingswaySoft is the TSO-DATA partner for data integration. As a basis KingswaySoft uses Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), which are already used in many companies. With the SSIS Integration Toolkit, additional systems and applications can be quickly and conveniently integrated into your Dynamics 365 CRM environment. KingswaySoft provides more than 150 standard adapters that access various third-party systems without any further programming. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the toolkit is easy to use and offers great flexibility for both beginners and professionals.

KingswaySoft Adapter for e.g: Dynamics 365 CRM, Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV, Web Services, Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive / Dropbox, ODBC Databases, JIRA - More adapters

KingswaySoft - short overview

  • Powerful, high-performance SSIS platform
  • Connection of Dynamics 365 with third-party systems
  • Consideration of the application logic of different systems thanks to standard adapters
  • "No code" data integration approach
  • Intuitive application user interface
  • TSO-DATA expert team

Theobald Connector Xtract IS - We bring SAP solutions and CRM Dynamics 365 together

We bring SAP solutions and CRM Dynamics 365 together. The Theobald Connector Xtract IS enables an interface between SAP and Dynamics 365 to be established in order to keep data synchronous between both systems (bidirectional). As a basis, Theobald uses Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), which are already in use in many companies.  This provides you with SAP data in Dynamics 365 on the one hand, and your SAP solution can access Dynamics 365 data on the other.

The connector accesses SAP objects such as BAPIs, tables or queries to read or write data. This means that SAP certified technology accesses the SAP system.

Xtract IS - short overview

  • Connection with SSIS technology to SAP
  • Ideal in combination with KingswaySoft for connecting Dynamics 365 and other third-party systems
  • Ready for use within the shortest possible time and without any great programming effort
  • Connection of various SAP objects (table, table join, query, BAPI)

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