GDPR-Toolbox for Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV
GDPR-Toolbox for Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV
GDPR-Toolbox for Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV

Comply with GDPR in the ERP system

GDPR ToolBox - the solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 / NAV

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short) creates a single legal framework in the European Union. With the regulation, new rules come into force for all organizations that offer goods and services in the EU or collect and analyze data on EU citizens.

At the latest since 25.05.2018, you are obliged to document, evaluate and provide electronically on request every process in which personal data is collected, processed or stored in your ERP system to comply with GDPR..

Our solution - GDPR ToolBox for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV

The add-on solution helps you meet the GDPR requirements related to documentation and reporting of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Online or On-Premises) / Microsoft Dynamics NAV processes - such as.

  • Identifying personal data
  • Classifying tables
  • Generate and process deletion and anonymization suggestions

Respond within the legal deadline e.g. to requests from data subjects - document them and inform or export personal data from Business Central / NAV if required. Check and document user logins and access rights in Dynamics and reduce your documentation effort with the help of integrated evaluations.

What users say about the GDPR ToolBox

Avoid fines - be ready to provide information at any time!

"Violations of the GDPR often result in high fines - in 2021 alone, these amounted to over € 1 billion! With our GDPR ToolBox, you can respond to inquiries quickly, accurately and securely, you reduce your documentation effort and possibly save yourself from high fine demands."

Jan Grundmann, Sales GDRP ToolBox

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Overview GDPR ToolBox in the video

DSGVO ToolBox - Datenschutz für Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV

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Get an overview of the GDPR ToolBox and learn how you can use it to implement the GDPR requirements for your Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV processes. In the video, we present the functions of the DSGVO ToolBox and explain what the solution can be used for specifically. 

Learn about the added value for your business

Where is personal data located in the ERP system and how can I find out about it as quickly as possible? By entering tables, you receive individual reporting on personal data in your Business Central system. This allows you to react quickly to incoming requests and to release data at the push of a button.

Whether customer, supplier or prospect data - your ERP system is a collection point for data of any kind. With the GDPR ToolBox you keep track of personal data and deadlines.

As a licensable module, there are no costs for separate Business Central / NAV application objects for the GDPR ToolBox. The add-on is available for all versions from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2.

For the integration of the GDPR ToolBox, only few adjustments to standard objects are required in order to use the add-on in customized Dynamics 365 / NAV environments. Following the integration, our quick start guides will support you in implementing, setting up and using our add-on so that you can organize your data protection processes independently.

Our add-on offers a quick, easy and cost-effective start for implementing the GDPR guidelines in your Dynamics 365 Business Central environment or in your NAV system, even for smaller companies. Benefit from the fast project implementation.

Based on the legal circumstances, the GDPR ToolBox is continuously developed by our team of experts in a dynamic process.

GDPR ToolBox - Prices and availabilities

The GDPR ToolBox is available from Dynamics NAV Version 2009 R2 up to the latest version of Business Central Online - for this you get a free trial version in Microsoft AppSource. Depending on the number of Business Central / Dynamics NAV users, you will receive our add-on for as little as €29.00 per month (plus VAT), including updates and e-mail support during the trial period. Provisioning and integration is carried out for a flat setup fee. Request your personal offer quickly and easily. Each package contains the GDPR ToolBox for Dynamics 365 Business Central / Microsoft Dynamics NAV including detailed instructions, so that the individual setup can be carried out by you independently. We can also offer you a consulting appointment, e.g. with your data protection officer or personal training by our experts.

Go directly to the free trial version for Business Central Online!



Functional scope at a glance

  • Documentation of Business Central / NAV data structures for personal data.
  • Assignment of data origin, consent forms and processing purposes
  • Table-related specifications for the reason for data collection
  • Documentation of requests from data subjects, such as duty to provide information, deletion requests, request for restriction or data correction
  • Implementation of the duty to provide information via PDF, restriction of use, deletion request, and request to port own data (data export)
  • Documentation of users with access rights to the tables with personal data
  • Deletion and anonymization periods when creating structured data
  • Automatic or manual postponement of deletion and anonymization periods with the deposit of reasons
  • Suggestions for deletion and anonymization of pending data

TSO-DATA GDPR ToolBox or Microsoft GDPR solution?

In which points does the GDPR ToolBox differ from the Microsoft solution? Take a look at our comparison and learn about the advantages of our extension:

ComparisonMicrosoftGDPR ToolBox
Supported versions
Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises
Dynamics 365 Business Central Online
More versions available
Can be used without technical NAV update
Available as solution
Setup template for tables and fields available
User setup possible
Classify tables and fields
Classify personal fields
Deletion and anonymization periods
Register concern requests
Export personal data
Report on users who have access to personal data


The solution was developed over several months and tested by certified data protection officers and other Business Central partners. Depending on the development of the legal environment, the GDPR ToolBox will be continuously extended by our team of experts.

Microsoft provides companies with an online tool that allows them to assess how well they are already prepared for the requirements of the GDPR (English for DSGVO) based on a few self-disclosures. Here you can get all official information about the GDPR. In addition to the GDPR ToolBox for Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV, we also support you with the GDPR ToolBox for Dynamics 365 CRM.


This website is intended to provide information on the subject of GDPR. The content does not constitute legal advice and cannot replace legal advice.


Jan Grundmann, Sales GDPR ToolBox

The GDPR ToolBox supports you in implementing the GDPR requirements with regard to documentation and reporting of your Business Central/NAV processes. I would be happy to present further benefits to you personally - get in touch now!

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