TSO-DATA - This is us
TSO-DATA - This is us
TSO-DATA - This is us

TSO-DATA - learn more about us

IT in the heart

We wanted to learn more about us: Who is TSO-DATA? What makes us special and what do we stand for? To work this out, we asked our employees. In a team workshop we explored all facets of TSO-DATA and asked questions that concern our company. We have explored the brand's history and identity and have worked out our values and philosophy together.

Our values:

Reliability, flexibility, curiosity and creativity are principles that can only be observed if everyone can identify with them. Our company values are our heart. They are lived and build the foundation of our daily work. 200 creative minds, individualists and practitioners share this philosophy and a particular passion with us - the IT. Further insights into our work, our everyday life and our TSO-DATA life can be found in our career portal and in our media library.

TSO-DATA - We are, who we are

Passion and joy of innovation!
We have a pronounced team spirit and attach great importance to the security of the company. We support our customers as an flexible and competent IT partner. We strive for enterprising growth that is characterized by sustainability and the preservation of our values.

Our guiding principle from the TSO-DATA brand workshop

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