KatarGo - the industry solution for the mail order business
KatarGo - the industry solution for the mail order business
KatarGo - the industry solution for the mail order business

KatarGo - the industry solution for the mail order business

The solution for your industry

Hardly any other industry is as fast moving and competitive as mail order. If you don't immediately keep up with new trends and market opportunities, you'll soon be out of business. Customers want an ever simpler and more flexible shopping experience. The balancing act for the mail order company is to combine the various distribution channels from stationary branches to marketplaces to online shops.

In order to meet the challenges of omni-channel e-commerce, the processes in the background must be right. For all these requirements, we deliver KatarGo, the industry solution for mail order and e-commerce.

KatarGo in the mail order business

KatarGo is the certified industry solution for mail order based on the ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Mail order companies benefit from a complete package that combines financial accounting, merchandise management, warehouse management and e-commerce in one solution.

In addition to B2B, B2C and the classic mail order business, KatarGo takes into account the possibilities of omni-channel commerce by merging various distribution channels from online shops and marketplaces to catalogs, call centers and branches. Internationally operating companies are supported by KatarGo with the multi-concept - multi-channel, multi-logistics, multi-currency, multi-clients, multi-payment, multi-nationality. Meet tomorrow's requirements today!

Our competence secures your investment. KatarGo is continuously developed by us. New requirements and developments in the mail order business are constantly integrated into the solution. Many well-known companies have already successfully used KatarGo.

Get to know the benefits and take a look at the following industry extract:

KatarGo for the fashion industry


KatarGo in the home accessories sector

Home accessoires 

KatarGo in the automotive sector


KatarGo for home electronic distributors

Home electronic

KatarGo in the field of sports and recreation

Sports and recreation

KatarGo for the light and electronic sector

Light and electronics

KatarGo in the area of business equipment

Business equipment

KatarGo for your business

Your industry

Scope of functions and integration options

Our industry experience, a constant market orientation and many successful projects form the foundation of KatarGo. Therefore, the functional scope of the solution standard takes into account the requirements of the mail order and e-commerce trade.

In addition, additional services can be used in your central business solution, for example to exchange data with business partners easily and flexibly.

Our KatarGo functional scope

Webshop and marketplace connection to KatarGo

Connect webshops and marketplaces directly to KatarGo. Either via the WebConnector or via one of the many predefined interfaces.

Branches and cash registers in the mail order business

For stores and checkouts, we rely on LS Central, the leading end-to-end solution for the retail industry.

Campaign management with Dynamics NAV

Flexible campaign management using the campaign control integrated in KatarGo.

Display warehouse and logistics with KatarGo

KatarGo covers warehouse management, mobile data acquisition, carrier integration and many other logistics aspects with its functional scope.

Shipping products with KatarGo

Nothing is more important than having the items leave the warehouse at the right time so that they reach the customer on time. KatarGo supports the entire shipping process.

Connection of various payment service providers

The integration of various payment service providers gives your customers the convenience of choosing the payment method that suits them best.

Returns processing with KatarGo

With the flexible returns management you manage the entire processing of your returns - from the optimization of the return process to the resale of returns.

Procurement management with KatarGo

The timely purchase of articles directly influences your delivery readiness. Thanks to KatarGo, purchases are turned into automated, demand-driven and cost-optimized processes.


KatarGo can be deployed in several ways. Use your own IT infrastructure or go with us into the cloud - hybrid or complete.

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