IT infrastructure - time recording and access solutions
IT infrastructure - time recording and access solutions
IT infrastructure - time recording and access solutions

Time tracking and access solutions

Smart time tracking and controlled access control

Maintain control over access to your rooms and ensure smooth recording of working times. Modern time recording and access solutions are an important tool for more security in company design. 

Time tracking

Fast and easy tracking of working times

Time tracking terminals eliminate the need for cumbersome manual calculations of working times. Instead, they provide reliable information about attendances and overtime. It is also possible to assign working times to a specific project. The procedure is resource-saving and can be used individually.

Flexibility, comfort and higher productivity

Errors in payroll accounting, under- or overstaffing and incomplete time recording can place a heavy burden on a company. You should therefore ask yourself the following questions:

  • Would you like to work digitally and do without conventional time recording systems?
  • Do you value flexibility and convenient features?
  • Does the delay of employees, overdrawn or unauthorized breaks or a premature end of work limit you? Is your productivity in this area expandable?
  • Does your insurance company demand that you record absences due to illness or accidents?

Simple operation - individual settings

Electronic time tracking solves such problems by digitally recording time data. In this segment we work together with our long-time partner dormakaba. Especially the terminals 97 00 and 96 00 are easy to install and easy to operate. In these projects, we individually tailor customer requirements to tailor time tracking solutions exactly to your needs. The terminals can be connected to various applications via the communication software B-COMM. 

Access control

Full access control

Modern access controls control who, when and to what extent access is granted. In addition to security requirements, organisational requirements must also be taken into account. Access control systems check authorisations and prevent access by unauthorised persons.

Individual access rights

Access rights can be defined per door, according to room zones and security areas or individually. Time configurable access intervals can be used to define who receives access and when. The web-based access solution exivo from our partner dormakaba is particularly user-friendly.

Approved solutions, convenient administration

We also rely on the approved solutions of dormakaba for access control systems. They guarantee an extremely comfortable administration of access rights and consider high security requirements.

Is your company sufficiently protected?

The following sections should be specially protected.

  • Main entrance
    Not everyone has access at all times.
  • Side entrance
    Access control and escape route security in one.
  • Underground car park
    Access control and escape route security, allowing escape into the building and access by authorised persons.
  • Offices and conference rooms
    Access only with authorization.
  • Laboratory
    Proven access solutions under laboratory conditions.
  • Technical room
    Protection against theft, sabotage and vandalism.
  • Security lock
    Access control for increased security requirements. Can be released via emergency button.

TSO-DATA as a strong partner

TSO-DATA is your experienced partner for solutions in the field of time tracking and access control. From us you receive systems which we also trust in our everyday life as a company. For example, we will be happy to coordinate the connection to your ERP system with you individually. Thanks to our high competence and long experience in the field of business software, we can offer a solution tailored to your needs. 

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