Webshop and marketplace connection Dynamics NAV / Business Central
Webshop and marketplace connection Dynamics NAV / Business Central
Webshop and marketplace connection Dynamics NAV / Business Central

The question for a suitable shop system

Appropriate shop systems for B2B and B2C

When asking which shop system is the right one for my online shop, various individual aspects have to be considered. Are you in the B2B or B2C environment? Which business solution do you use? What are the requirements for the shop system? These and many other questions must be answered before a final shop system choice can be made.

In the following we briefly introduce you to the systems offered by our solution partners:  

Shop system - Magento

Magento is a shop software that is one of the leading e-commerce platforms with a market share of around 28%. Magento supports multiple languages and payment systems and can be used in both B2B and B2C environments. The direct connection to the ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV ensures efficient sales processes. In addition, there are numerous functions that make shopping easier for shop users, such as storable shopping baskets, a full-text search or orientation aids such as the "last visited products".

Shop system - OXID eShop

The OXID eShop of the company OXID eSales is an innovative shop system and enjoys a growing popularity especially in Germany. The software paves the way to your own online shop thanks to professional layouts and a wide range of functions. Among other things, customers benefit from the open source version, which enables active further development of the product. No matter whether B2B or B2C companies, with the OXID eShop you are prepared for all eventualities. The case study "B2B Services in interactive online shops" shows how the OXID eShop is used by B2B companies.

Shop system - silver.eShop

The silver.eShop is specially designed for interaction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV and Business Central / NAV industry solutions such as the ERP mail order software KatarGo and is offered by silver.solutions GmbH. The shop system is based on the existing business logic, whereby the same prices, article lists or payment modalities are available to customers online. The silver.e-shop is tailored to the B2B environment, but also masters the private customer business. While product master data is exported to the web shop in XML format, the shop system transfers orders in the opposite direction directly to the ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV. The silver.e-shop is multi-client capable, manages several shops and can be used internationally.

Shop system - Shopware

Shopware is a shop software for e-commerce projects and has been developed by shopware AG. The modular online shop system is available both as open source software and as a commercial edition. You can add individual modules and plugins as you wish using the Plugin Manager and design your version individually. More than 1,500 different plugins are available.

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