Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA

TSE signature on receipt

The Cash Register Security Ordinance stipulates that electronic cash registers must be protected against possible manipulation by means of a secure logging of the bookings and must be equipped with a technical security device (TSE). Bergzeit GmbH is the first customer of TSO-DATA to go live with an equipped cash register solution.

TSO-DATA supported the customer in implementing the TSE solution in cooperation with the fiscalisation partner FS-Soft. The decisive factor here is that the POS PCs function both online and offline and the correct TSE signature is generated. This contains all the security elements specified by the tax office, such as the serial number of the TSE and a digital signature. Further requirements for the receipt result from § 6 Kassen-SichV. The integration of an additional QR code in this example is based on a voluntary extension requested by the customer.

For example, the following imprint is made:


For the integration process FS-Soft takes over the integration of the interface into the NAV and LS Retail standard objects and provides the corresponding interface to the Electronic Fiscal Register (EFR). The EFR stores the information and transfers it as soon as an online connection is available directly to the EFR Cloud, which must also be installed separately. TSO-DATA takes over the project coordination with the customer, adapts these standard objects to the individual customer solution and accompanies the customer through the test phase up to commissioning.  


Bergzeit is successful as the leading online supplier of mountain sports equipment with 40,000 articles from over 500 brands in its range. Two branches in the south of Munich, the online magazine with over 1,500 articles and the Bergzeit Erlebnis, founded in 2018, guided tours and courses, contribute to the corporate success of the mountain sports specialist. After a successful test phase, Bergzeit GmbH has been supplying the desired TSE configured receipts since 17.09.2020.


Do you use the LS Retail POS solution or BE-POS? TSO-DATA will be pleased to support you in implementing TSE in cooperation with the respective fiscalisation partners. If you have individual questions about future-proof retail software and the connection to your systems, TSO-DATA will be happy to assist you as an LS Central Platinum Partner. Please contact one of our experts directly.

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