Business Intelligence with KatarGo BI
Business Intelligence with KatarGo BI
Business Intelligence with KatarGo BI

Business Intelligence with KatarGo BI - Sales

ERP software and Business Intelligence solution combined

Data from the ERP system are essential for business decisions. Visualizing the data and making it accessible for the whole company is often a challenge. With the business intelligence solution KatarGo BI for the industry solution KatarGo, these points are a history.


KatarGo BI is a complete Business intelligence solution for KatarGo that can access to the source data from your mail order solution. The KatarGo data are collected, structured and prepared that they can be accessed easily via analysis tools like Microsoft Power BI or the TARGIT Decision Suite.

Whether you're a managing director, executive, or employee, the application doesn't require any special know-how. You benefit from pre-defined dashboards, sales analyses and key figures that provide you a selection of defined figures you need. You do not have to become active yourself. Multiple dimensions for different perspectives help you to make decisions. 

The benefits of KatarGo BI

  • Selection of predefined dashboards, sales analysis, reports, key figures and dimensions
  • Data are periodically transferred out of the ERP-Software KatarGo - for a fast reporting
  • Choice of the frontend like Microsoft Power BI or the TARGIT Decision Suite
  • Existing KatarGo structures are available in the evaluations
  • Short project implementation times of the reporting software
  • Expandable with additional data from Dynamics 365 Business Central / NAV and other data sources
  • TSO-DATA know-how from one source for KatarGo, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Power BI and TARGIT
  • Constant development

KatarGo BI – Sales

From order entry, through delivery, to billing or service - KatarGo BI covers the whole sales process of your company and provides reliable facts to support your decisions.

Dimensions and key figures

For an overview of the whole sales segment, KatarGo BI provides you different key figures and dimensions for your reporting.

Extract key figures:

  • Sales volume
  • Sales amounts (e.g. articles, cargos or vouchers)
  • Number of receipts
  • Contribution margin
  • Purchase amount
  • Cancellation rate

Extract dimensions:

  • Client concept and responsibility units 
  • Sales channels
  • Contacts
  • Articles with variants
  • Order data and invoice data
  • Cancellation and return reasons
  • Campaign

The cloud solution Microsoft Power BI is the right solution if you regularly want to have an overview of your business data. The visual processing makes the BI solution comfortable and easily accessible.

The TARGIT Decision Suite is one of the leading solutions in the sector of Business Intelligence applications. The comprehensive reporting tool is ideal for detailed and complex analyses down to the depths of your business areas.

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Sales Business Intelligence


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