TSO-DATA IT-Partner und Sponsor vom VfL Osnabrück
TSO-DATA IT-Partner und Sponsor vom VfL Osnabrück
TSO-DATA IT-Partner und Sponsor vom VfL Osnabrück

VfL Osnabrück and TSO-DATA

VfL Osnabrück substitutes TSO-DATA

Hybrid IT ensures greater efficiency and creates prospects for the future - second league football team VfL Osnabrück is modernising its IT infrastructure.

The VfL Osnabrück was founded in 1899 and is one of the traditional clubs of German football. After relegating to the 3rd league four years ago, the club undertook a comprehensive restructuring programme. The professional and junior football divisions were spun off and the outdated IT landscape modernised. The business system integrator TSO-DATA from Osnabrück supported the VfL in the modernisation of the club's IT.

TSO-DATA succeeded in consolidating the IT systems, harmonising applications and work processes and implementing a professional security concept as part of a partnership. Today, the association works safely and efficiently.

We are pleased that we could help the VfL Osnabrück with the modernization of its club IT. With the new IT systems, we are building the foundation for a future-oriented IT infrastructure.

 Dirk Frommeyer, Managing Director, TSO-DATA GmbH

Before the renewal of the IT environment, the entire system environment was not in good condition. Different operating systems and applications were running on the computers. "Because efficient processes were lacking, the manual administration effort was too high," recalls Jürgen Wehlend. The mission was to update discontinued operating systems such as Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 as fast as possible. Protection against spam and viruses also needed to be improved. In addition, the stadium and training facilities were inadequately networked. There was no mobile concept for club teams. There was no comprehensive back-up strategy - a matter of course in companies. In short, professional structures looked different. But VfL lacked the financial resources.

In the 2nd league, the economic leeway of the clubs is limited. Therefore, we could not renew the systems overnight, but only over a longer period of time. For this economically responsible system change, VfL was looking for a partner who was not only technically competent, but also emotionally connected to VfL.

We wanted a partner with a sense of proportion. Someone who manages our IT as well as if it were his own. Only a company that was close to the club and had an understanding of our economic situation could be considered.

Jürgen Wehlend, CEO, VfL Osnabrück GmbH & Co. KGaA

TSO-DATA has been supporting VfL for years and - more importantly - the Osnabrück system house had a plan to put IT on a secure footing despite financial restrictions. TSO developed the new IT strategy on the basis of the technical inventory.

Without a detailed overview, we were hardly able to determine on our first visit where redundancies or even starting points for savings existed. For football clubs such as VfL, for example, the availability of the ticketing system is of central importance because it controls ticket sales. In the beginning, however, it was completely unclear on which server the application would work.

Uwe Langner, Head of IT Infrastructure TSO-DATA GmbH

To renew the IT environment, the project team decided for a hybrid model: One part of the IT infrastructure is still located on the premises of the association, the other part has been outsourced to the "cloud". A concept that combines the advantages of local installation with those of a cloud solution. Microsoft Office 365 plays an important role here. The cloud service makes Office programs available on all common end devices and includes online services such as Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft SharePoint.

At the same time, the local installation ensures the constant availability of important systems, such as for ticket sales. Today, the association has a structured, well-documented IT system that can be quickly adapted and expanded as required. At the same time, it has been possible to make internal communication and collaboration much more efficient. For example, VfL employees work with public calendars or analyse match days with the professionals via conference calls. In addition, resources such as rooms, vehicles and the like are managed via Outlook and Exchange Server.

Last but not least, the new IT infrastructure is an ideal springboard for follow-up projects.

For example, a WLAN system is planned which will include ticket-based access control with time-limited access for the press.

Uwe Langner, Head of IT Infrastructure TSO-DATA GmbH

The addition of CRM software to the IT landscape is also being planned, for example to provide more professional support for sponsors and partners. TSO-DATA is pleased to support VfL Osnabrück as official IT partner in the current season.

The cooperation between TSO-DATA and VfL Osnabrück has been documented in a user report as well as in a video. The project was also recorded in the current Microsoft Office 365 brochure.

The IT infrastructure with cloud solution taken from the offside.

The hybrid model is used by our customer VfL Osnabrück. Together with TSO-DATA, VfL Osnabrück modernized its IT infrastructure and is now working with a hybrid solution. One part of the IT infrastructure is still located on the club's premises, the other has been outsourced to the cloud. A concept that combines the advantages of local installation with those of a cloud solution - read more about the cooperation between TSO-DATA and VfL Osnabrück. 

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