Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA

TSO-DATA meets politics - exchange with city councillor Katharina Pötter

Digitalisation has long since arrived in large parts of the economy and thus in the midst of the lives of many citizens. The challenges that the Corona pandemic and digitalisation pose for the economy and citizens were discussed by Katharina Pötter, city councillor and mayoral candidate for Osnabrück, and Thomas Hagedorn, Sales Manager TSO-DATA, at a joint meeting at the premises of the IT business system house in Osnabrück on 17 June 2021.


New forms of collaboration

Corona has brought mobile working much more into focus. "Unlike before, the majority of our employees are now in home offices. This was not a particular technical challenge for us as an IT company, as we have always worked together online in national and international IT projects," says Thomas Hagedorn. Nevertheless, working together as a team is more than a multitude of daily video conferences. Katharina Pötter and Thomas Hagedorn agreed that some employees can organise themselves very well in a home office, while for others this form of working 5 days a week is less suitable. Especially for employees of companies and public authorities who have never or rarely worked together like this before, they had to get used to it. But perhaps this unavoidable situation also has something positive in the end for special types of cooperation, so that a mix can now be thought about more constructively, and companies and employees are no longer forced to do so by legal regulations.


Recruiting challenge

"As a company, we work closely with schools and colleges to make new employees aware of the wide range of jobs TSO-DATA has to offer, and we are also represented at all relevant job fairs." Thomas Hagedorn reported. "But even with 200 employees at 3 locations and as a long-standing VFL sponsor, we are not present to many people in the region." A fact that Katharina Pötter confirmed.

However, a relevant proportion of young people also leave the region after graduation and move to the metropolises, which is why Thomas Hagedorn argued that the city and the district must widely promote the attractiveness of the region.

Katharina Pötter confirms this: "The number of students at the universities is developing well, which is highly gratifying and worthwhile to continue. I would like to see a dynamic Osnabrück as a location for innovation. Our universities contribute significantly to such a development. I see my task as a potential mayor as creating the necessary infrastructure and corresponding incentives so that we do not lose graduates from the city. Attractive employers with good job offers and prospects are essential for this. "Strengthening one's attractiveness as an employer and presenting it broadly, thus convincing and retaining employees, are the major tasks in the area of recruiting skilled workers.


You can find out more about the TSO-DATA Group as an employer at three locations in Germany in the career portal of the business system house: https://karriere.tso.de/


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