Modern ECM with M-Files
Modern ECM with M-Files
Modern ECM with M-Files

Advantages / benefits of the ECM solution M-Files

Organize and manage documents by value and relevance

Advantage 1: Centralized information filing

Do you store business information in multiple different systems and content repositories? But you need easy access to all this information? With M-Files Intelligent Information Management, you can store, find, retrieve and manage information regardless of where the file is stored or the user interface used. Existing connectors allow you to store, retrieve and manage information directly from your ERP and CRM solution.

Advantage 2: Content in context

Content only becomes valuable in the right context. The same information is valuable to employees in different roles for different reasons and is searched for using different criteria. Thanks to M-Files, the same, correct information can also be found using different search criteria. The individual dynamic views help users in different roles to quickly identify the information relevant to them.

Advantage 3: A common version of a document

Information is often copied to multiple locations by employees who need access to it in their own context. Up to 70% of documentation is restored at some point. Thanks to M-Files' intelligent information management, everyone uses only one correct version of a document - copies are unnecessary.

Advantage 4: Manage what's critical to your business

Different locations within an organization typically contain outdated and outdated information and documents that no one knows about. With M-Files, you can focus on critical information by analyzing the data that is relevant to your business from outdated records. Manage only what's critical to your business.

Advantage 5: Data enrichment with metadata

Metadata is used to describe other data. With metadata, you don't need to know where something is stored, just what it's about. Intelligent Information Management helps you automate tagging so that content can be tagged with almost any information: Document type, expiration date, customer or project name, etc.

Benefit 6: Use metadata to manage workflows

Metadata can be used, for example, to inform users about expiring contracts or learning assignments or to define automated authorization settings. M-Files is not only about finding information, but also about optimizing business processes and workflows.

Advantage 7: More time for added value

Manual document processing, such as filing and searching for a specific document, takes a lot of time.  On average, an employee spends more than two hours a day searching for documents because the search functions on file servers or other systems leave a lot to be desired. Intelligent management of your information allows employees to focus on their actual work, not on document management.

Advantage 8: Facilitation of compliance (GDPR, GDPdU, etc.)

Companies must comply with laws and regulations as well as industry standards and internal policies. The ability to separate business-critical or confidential data from the big picture helps you handle sensitive information appropriately. Automated workflows facilitate regulatory compliance and automated audit trails. M-Files is also officially certified as an audit-proof document management system according to GDPdU. With our GDPR Toolbox for M-Files, we offer you a secure solution for meeting GDPR requirements.

Advantage 9: User friendliness

IT systems and software only increase efficiency if users can use them correctly and intuitively in their daily use cases. M-Files provides a unified user interface across all devices, platforms and data stores, whether deployed locally or as a cloud solution. 

Advantage 10: Easy collaboration with partners and colleagues

As a rule, you must share and co-author content with internal and external stakeholders. M-Files' intelligent information management makes it easy, secure and efficient to collaborate. Simply share a specific link to a common version of a document and track version changes and updates in parallel.

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