CRM-Microsoft Dynamics 365 case study
CRM-Microsoft Dynamics 365 case study
CRM-Microsoft Dynamics 365 case study

CRM-Microsoft Dynamics 365 case study

At the coffee with the customer the tablet is present

If the coffee machine doesn't work in the office, even frugal colleagues become choleric. Avoiding such stress tests is part of the business of CP Group GmbH.  The "coffee plus" segment of the Osnabrück trading company is specialised in selling commercial fully automatic coffee machines. In order to offer the best possible service to the mostly small and medium-sized customers from Germany and Austria, the company introduced CRM software at the start of sales. Service technicians, customer advisors and sales staff have been well informed since day one.

coffee plus" focuses primarily the sale of commercial fully automatic coffee machines, their products and equipment. The company values high accessibility for customers and interested parties as well as speed, convenience and flexibility in service and support.

The most important success factor is therefore consistent customer orientation. Sales staff, service technicians and customer service representatives should therefore be able to access detailed information and an efficient communication structure from day one.

In addition, it should be possible for the fully automatic coffee machines to automatically transmit daily updated data on filling levels and consumption (telemetry data) to the NAV system of the CP Group when required - a functionality with which some models are already equipped as standard. For customers who want to use this technology, subsequent delivery orders can be generated automatically, required (accessory) articles can be dispatched as required and optimised for dispatch, and service contracts can be calculated.

In mid-2015, the retail company was looking for a suitable CRM software that is easy to use, already fulfills most of the requirements in the solution standard and works closely with the existing ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Points that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution could fulfill in the best way. As with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the contract for project implementation was given to TSO-DATA from Osnabrück.

"That was the optimal solution for us. After all, we knew TSO-DATA and knew what to expect. The key factor was that TSO-DATA was very familiar with both systems. This has enormous advantages, especially when it comes to system integration and setting up cross-program processes", Daniel Brüggemann looks back.

It was important for us that TSO-DATA was familiar with both systems Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM. This has enormous advantages, especially when it comes to system integration and setting up cross-program processes.

Daniel Brüggemann, Head of E-Commerce and IT bei der CP Group GmbH

Mobile CRM for Sales and Customer Service

During implementation, the project team decided on an agile strategy: Central business processes were sketched in workshops and implemented promptly, while the project team analyzed parallel the next process. "The close cooperation with the experts helped us to understand the requirements and to design the processes based on them," says Steffen Hackmann, project manager at TSO-DATA. 

In addition to customer and prospect management, the main focus lay on mobile support for field staff. TSO-DATA developed an individual concept for CP Group GmbH in which the requirements for CRM Online with regard to mobility and subsequent connection to the existing ERP system Dynamics NAV were taken into account.

To provide all sales and service-relevant information on smartphones and tablets, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 project team added the Resco Mobile CRM App. All field staff can use their mobile devices to access the CRM system and work with the app both online and offline, regardless of operating system or manufacturer. The sales employee has the option of entering his sales opportunities directly in the app, creating new customers and editing them directly.

The documentation of individual customer wishes or tailor-made offers is also carried out via mobile apps. Service employees enter their assembly and installation work directly into the system via the app and benefit from mobile spare parts management and mobile time recording. All customer-related information can be transferred directly to the ERP system and invoicing can be done.

We always focus on the customer with his needs and wishes - thanks to CRM Dynamics 365 it is easier for us to meet this high demand in the long term. We have a complete view of all interested parties and customers and can track the whole customer journey in detail at any time. This makes CRM Dynamics 365 an essential instrument for us to be able to provide our customers with advice and support.

Dr. Marc Beimforde, Managing Director, CP Group GmbH

Satisfied customers

Employees in Germany and Austria have been working with CRM since August 2015. For Dr. Marc Beimforde, transparency is one of the most important features of this mobile CRM software: "With Microsoft Dynamics 365, we have a complete view of all interested parties and customers and can track the whole customer journey down to the smallest detail at any time. This makes CRM - Microsoft Dynamics 365 an essential instrument for providing our customers with advice and support". CP Group GmbH wants to use its comprehensive customer knowledge to customize products and services to individual customer needs. At the same time, it was possible to design central processes in sales and service efficiently. For example, inquiries from customers or prospects are forwarded directly to sales via mobile apps. The target is to reduce "paperwork" to a minimum and to be as fast and flexible as possible.

In view of the rapid success and great acceptance of this software solution, the Osnabrück trading company is already thinking about the first follow-up projects: For example, additional marketing systems could be integrated in order to further advance the multi-channel strategy and provide the customer with as individual a service as possible.

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