TSO-DATA Customer Day 2022

The platform for direct exchange - personal & virtual

The TSO-DATA Customer Day is a fixed date in the calendar every year. The personal contact, the direct exchange and the transfer of knowledge and news are especially important to us. Let yourself be inspired by varied lectures, discussion rounds on current topics, innovations, roadmaps and development statuses of our solutions and services. Together with our colleagues, partner companies and manufacturers, we have created a diverse program for you.

Thursday, 17.03.2022 | 09:00 to 15:30 h
Hybrid event
Online: Microsoft Teams | Attendance: TSO-DATA, Preußenweg 10, 49076 Osnabrück

(Note: For on-site participation, the 2G+ rule + FFP2 mask requirement applies. For boostered participants the test obligation is waived).


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09:00 to 09:50 h: Welcome | Keynote

"I would like to welcome you to our Customer Day. In the keynote, I would like to look back with you at 2021 and take a first look at 2022. What are the highlights, news and innovations that will accompany us in the coming months? After a brief overview of the day and the upcoming sessions, we'll kick off Customer Day 2022. Enjoy!" - Thomas Hagedorn

10:00 to 10:40 h: Parallel lectures

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (on-premises and online) - What's New

Target group: Business Central customers, Business Central interested parties

"What are the new features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and what exactly is behind them? Together with you, we would like to take a look at some of the new features in BC 2021 release wave 2." - Thomas Harmann, Jan Grundmann

Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) - What's New

Target group: Dynamics 365 (CRM) users, Dynamics 365 (CRM) interested parties

"The new version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) once again has a number of innovations in store. In addition to the integration of Microsoft Teams, there are other new features waiting in the wings that I would like to present to you at this year's Customer Day." - Steven Jacques

10:45 to 11:30 h: Parallel lectures

KatarGo Roadmap - 2022 also as Software as a Service

Target group: KatarGo decision-makers, interested parties

"Learn more about the currently planned development steps: Central to this is the deployment of KatarGo for Business Central Online (SaaS). I'll show you the benefits of deploying in the cloud and how to migrate your solution from an on-premises installation to a cloud solution." - Christian Muris

Resco Inspections - The powerful way to go paperless and digitize mobile workflows

Target group: ERP and CRM decision makers, interested parties

"Employees interviewing customers, technicians checking machines, agents assessing damage - checks, surveys or inspections occur in many scenarios. With Resco Inspections, I present a reliable tool that helps you create, assign, complete and evaluate digital workflows with questionnaires - on and offline. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?" - Steffen Hackmann

Anveo EDI - EDI for Dynamics revolutionary simple

Target group: Business, organization and process managers

"With Anveo EDI, you integrate your customers, suppliers or other business partners into your processes in a fully automated way. In my presentation, I would like to show you how uniquely flexible our solution is, why the range of functions scores across the board, and how you can save valuable time when connecting business partners." - Anveo

11:35 to 12:15 h: Parallel lectures

Azure Virtual Desktop - the virtual desktop environment of the future

Target group: decision-makers, cloud-interested people

"Accessing your desktop environment and applications at any time, from any place is no longer a dream of the future. Because with Azure Virtual Desktop, the secure remote desktop, you can do exactly that - almost anywhere. In my presentation, you'll learn exactly how this works and what advantages it offers you and compared to other solutions." - Marvin Hitzfeld

KatarGo Spotlight Session - Optimizing processes and extending benefits

Target group: Decision makers, KatarGo users and interested parties

"In our presentation, you can look forward to process enhancements from the areas of availability profiles, further integration options and optimizations in logistics processes. We would like to pay special attention to the presentation of the new Shipping Orders feature and open up new possibilities for you to make your shipping processes more flexible and efficient." - Andreas Jasper-Bruns, Mario Kollmer

Data integration "made easy" - avoiding data silos

Target group: ERP, CRM decision-makers, technically interested parties

"Use technologies like Microsoft Power Automate and SQL Integration Services with KingswaySoft to connect your systems like ERP, CRM, webshops or other applications. I'll show you how easy the tools are to use and how technical users can implement interfaces without programming logic." - Steffen Hackmann, Steven Jacques

12:15 to 13:15 h: Break

13:15 to 13:55 h: Parallel lectures

BI2Go - How to connect your ERP solution with a BI

Target group: BI decision-makers, users, interested parties

"Using a concrete example of sales and finance analyses in combination with Business Central, we will show you how you can work operationally with your data, recognize developments directly and derive decisions. See how you can keep an overview of the essential key figures, find unnecessary cost drivers and discover sales potential. In addition, we will give you an overview of our current BI portfolio to show you new possibilities with your data." - Jens Buermann

From multichannel to unified commerce - serving customers on all channels

Target group: LS Central, KatarGo customers, interested parties

"Provide your customers with a unified and service-oriented buying experience that focuses on customer needs. Unified Commerce is the next level of modern retail, where you operate only one central platform to manage all customer interactions. We'll show you what exactly is behind it, including customer project (KatarGo & LS Retail)." - Maciej Drozdz, Jan Grundmann

14:00 to 14:40 h: Parallel lectures

Smart DMS integration for NAV/Business Central processes

Target group: KatarGo, Business Central/NAV decision-makers, DMS interested parties

"Using the example of complaints and claims processing, we will show you how we can digitize your transaction-related processes. Store documents and images as early as the goods receipt or complaint stage so that they can be retrieved at any time via Business Central/NAV and you can access the archived information in a mobile and flexible manner." - Andreas Blom

Security Awareness - Even a harmless looking link can be dangerous

"Did you know that half of the cyber attacks in the last 2 years have exploited employees as a weak point and gateway? I would like to show you, using practical examples, what dangers come from the human factor and what measures you can take against it." - Daniel Wagener, G-DATA

14:50 to 15:30 h: Presentation of reference project | Discussion round

"Before we go into the previous sessions, I'll throw the questions into the room: How do (ERP) projects run today? What has changed? What are best practices that we would like to share with you? Finally, I would like to clarify these questions with you and enter into a direct exchange with you." - Thomas Hagedorn

Our experts

Thomas Hagedorn

Head of Sales

Jan Grundmann

Sales and consulting of ERP and BI

Thomas Harmann

Consulting of Business Central SaaS

Christian Muris

Product development KatarGo and quality management

David Eggenhofer

Sales of Dynamics 365 CRM

Andreas Blom

Sales of DMS

Maciej Drozdz

Sales of LS Central

Steffen Hackmann

Team leader Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM | Power Platform

Andreas Jasper-Bruns

Product management KatarGo

Jens Buermann

Sales and Consulting of ERP and BI

Mario Kollmer

Product development KatarGo

Marvin Hitzfeld

Sales IT infrastructure

Daniel Wagener

Key Account Manager G DATA CyberDefense AG

Isabel Carstens

Partner Management, Anveo Group

Even if we cannot greet each other in person, we are sure that with our virtual event we have created a comparable platform where we can exchange news and innovations together.​​​​​​
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