Glossary - IT terms at a glance

Explanation of various terms from the field of IT


KatarGo is an artificial word inspired by the former business metropolis of Carthage and is based on a word combination of "catalogue" and "go" for the appeal "Let's go". The name establishes a connection between the tradition "catalogue" and modern online and multi-channel commerce. KatarGo is the name of the industry solution for the mail order business based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV developed by TSO-DATA and certified by Microsoft. KatarGo maps all business processes in medium-sized mail order companies, both nationally and internationally. KatarGo is used both for the classic mail order business in the B2B and B2C sectors, as a central eCommerce backend system for fulfillment service providers or as a spoke solution for profit centers in the group. In QatarGo, the communication with customers is also presented and necessary optimizations in the avalanche and shipping are considered.


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