Effectively protect company data

Higher security thanks to multi-factor authentication

Daily hacker attacks cause great economic damage - IT security is more important than ever for companies. Even with measures that are easy to implement you can increase the security of your sensitive business data and prevent data theft. The two-factor authentication is quickly activated and protects the data of your company accounts effectively.

What is two-factor authentication?

To secure logon processes and protect access to company resources, a factor can be added to this process in addition to the user name and password. This factor can be a code that you receive via SMS or an app on your smartphone.

By adding this additional security barrier, users will be prompted to enter another code, which was only received on their smartphone, after successfully entering the user data. Only when this code has also been successfully entered will the registration process be completed.

Prevent data theft

Especially in today's times, where millions of user data enter Darkweb at regular intervals and are sold there, companies have to ask themselves, how they protect their own data and possibly those of their customers.

Securely log in to the resource

The classic login to an Internet portal and/or to a specific program is still done by entering a user name and the corresponding password. If both entries are correct, that person is granted access to the underlying resource.

However, a general check of the actual user does not occur with simple authentication - the second factor increases the security of your data right here!

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Let me advise you directly and without obligation how easy and versatile you and your employees can use the procedure after activation. The conversion to the secure way of registration is fast, easy and can be done online. The function may already be included in your licenses and only needs to be activated. I look forward to receiving your contact details.

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