Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA

Power Apps and Dynamics 365 2021 Wave 1 Preview Release available

Microsoft enables early access to Power Apps and Dynamics 365 Release Wave 1 2021. The new functions can be tested now after activation before they go live with a time delay between April and September 2021.

In addition to the relevance search (more information on this can be found in this article), the user-friendliness on mobile devices has also been optimised:

Sort buttons are now at the top of the list so end users can easily spot and use them in one view. They can also swipe left on a row to see available commands and take quick action.

Subgrid and form tabs have also been made more user-friendly and you can now view important information about your business process flow on mobile devices, including the name and active time. This new design provides a seamless device experience and ensures that you know which business process flow you are working with when you switch processes.

End users also benefit from new features. They now get a modern user interface for duplicate record detection and merging. The updated user interface is designed as a unified interface dialogue and seamlessly integrated with record merging to help you manage your data integrity when duplicate records are found. With this improved duplicate detection feature, you can quickly find and manage records with easier access to merge duplicates and keep the records you want.

You can find more information describing the increased user-friendliness here in the Microsoft Power Apps Blog. You can also experience the new functions live, in our webcast on 02.3.2021 we will already present some of the new features - so register now:


Webcast: 02.03.2021 | 10:00-11:00 o´clock | What's New Dynamics 365 CRM- Release Wave 1 2021

The new Release Wave 1 2021 of Dynamics 365 CRM has again numerous news, which we do not want to keep from you any longer. In our webcast, our experts will inform you about all the new functions, enhancements, improvements and updates from the areas of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Power Platform. You can look forward to exclusive highlights and an interesting dialog.


Do you have questions about the new functions in advance? Our Dynamics 365 experts will be happy to assist you personally.


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