Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA

A head start through digital document management

Since its foundation in 1998, Intenso has been able to develop into one of the leading brands in the field of storage media. With practical products, the company offers support in everyday life and helps to make modern life simple and safe. Solutions that are playful, innovative and creatively tailored to the requirements of current technology. Modern products with high quality standards are essential features of the Intenso brand. In addition to classic storage media such as USB sticks, hard drives, memory cards, SSDs and blank CDs, batteries, MP3 players, as well as powerbanks and wireless chargers are also offered under the Intenso brand name to large and at the same time demanding customers such as ALDI or Media Markt/Saturn.

Intenso has been using the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV since 2002 for the internal company departments of finance, sales, purchasing and the management of logistical activities. As early as its introduction in 2002, the Vechta-based company chose TSO-DATA GmbH from Osnabrück as its IT partner, whose experts are still responsible for the continuous support of the company software today. The long-standing, trusting cooperation in various IT projects and the goal of increasing the digitalisation of internal processes were most recently decisive for the joint introduction of the document management system M-Files, which began in 2020. The desire to create a holistic and sustainable digitisation push for the entire company is particularly triggered here by various, individually defined workflows for the individual areas, which map the daily work in a customised manner.


Finding instead of searching and defined workflows

Intenso's wish was to make the document flow in the company as paperless as possible in the future. In a joint workshop with IT partner TSO-DATA, the document management solution M-Files was chosen. The modern ECM system supports companies in managing documents and information digitally and, in particular, intelligently. By storing documents based on metadata, which largely originates from the ERP system, retrieving information is extremely fast and operating the solution is particularly intuitive for users. The result is a digital and centralised document repository that brings together information from multiple sources. A solution that met Intenso's needs and challenges in a sustainable way.

With the help of the workflows that can be created in M-Files, both routine tasks and complex processes in the company can be digitalised to a large extent and tasks can be assigned to the responsible employees in a timely manner. Users receive task-related e-mail notifications and the progress and completion of tasks can be tracked transparently. Individual workflows can be defined within the integrated workflow management, such as for invoice receipt processing.

We wanted to handle our documents from import to sales invoice as digitally as possible and thus set ourselves up as a company in a holistic digital way. Thanks to the processes and automated workflows we have defined in M-Files, we save time and money. The quick and easy access to our documents allows our employees to work together much more efficiently - even at any time and from home.

Thomas Schulenberg, IT manager at Intenso, explains the decision to use M-Files.

M-Files offers the solution for every purpose

Universally applicable, M-Files can be adapted to a wide variety of needs. In the area of accounting, the document management was seamlessly connected to the ERP solution Dynamics NAV by means of the DMS Connector and, in addition to an extensive invoice approval workflow, an approval process specifically for payments was included. From now on, the daily incoming documents are processed by the solution "Continia Document Capture", which ensures even more efficiency through its automated document processing. Document Capture is integrated into the ERP system as an add-on and automatically captures documents such as incoming invoices. The time saved compared to manual entry and the increased process reliability are the major advantages for Intenso.

For the order management, the mapping of the order process was realised in a workflow in order to be able to optimally integrate all employees involved here. At the same time, M-Files fulfilled the wish for a digital filing system for the various documents relevant to ordering and customs.

The simple and at the same time secure process handling through workflows was quickly accepted throughout the company. For example, in Intenso's marketing department, all approval steps for the artwork of the packaging were automated and communicated to the responsible employees transparently and comprehensibly at all times.

Commercial documents from the sales department that are no longer needed in the active document management, but are subject to a certain retention obligation, are archived manually or automatically. This also ensures that compliance requirements are met and company-relevant documents end up securely in M-Files.


Seamless integration into ERP

The fact that M-Files can be easily connected to the Microsoft ERP system using the DMS Connector developed by TSO-DATA offers Intenso the direct advantage of using the strengths of both systems together. With the interface, documents such as invoices, quotations, delivery notes and other electronic documents such as e-mails can be easily transferred to M-Files, including ERP master data and transactions. All receipts and documents from NAV are automatically provided with metadata and saved in M-Files. In this way, users can view scanned documents from daily incoming mail and assign them to the correct transactions in NAV. The 4 clients in Dynamics NAV required by Intenso are neatly mapped in 4 separate vaults in M-Files - this also ensures a clear overview and allocation.

The uncomplicated connection of M-Files to our ERP system by means of the DMS Connector naturally makes our work easier, especially in the areas of accounting, but also order management. In addition, we are on the safe side with the automatic archiving of commercial documents that must be kept.

Thomas Schulenberg confirms the use of the DMS Connector.

Benefiting from the wealth of experience

The introduction of M-Files was divided into different project phases in order to be able to react to the different needs of the different areas in the best possible way already during the implementation. This process is supported by TSO-DATA's IT project methodology, which is based on 30 years of experience. It ensures sustainable cooperation between all participants in the various areas and precise implementation.

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