Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA

Freeze-Dry Foods combines document management and ERP system

Freeze-Dry Foods stands for freeze-dried and air-dried ingredients for the modern food industry. As a pioneer and expert in the market, the company has been supplying the food industry with gently dried fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, superfoods and even cheese for over 40 years: 100% natural, fully aromatic and versatile. Freeze-Dry Foods is part of the globally active Groneweg Group with more than 700 employees at locations in Europe, the USA, Latin and South America and Asia.


M-Files - the intelligent document management system

The extensive product portfolio goes hand in hand with a multitude of certificates, specifications and test reports that are required in the food industry. In parallel, many other documents are created in everyday business that need to be stored securely. In order to make these and other files available to all employees quickly, easily, regardless of location and at any time, Freeze-Dry Foods relies on digital processes with the document management system M-Files. Since its introduction with the support of the experts from TSO-DATA two years ago, the areas of quality assurance, raw materials purchasing and sales in particular have benefited from the flexible information management solution.

In M-Files, documents are stored with freely definable metadata (keywords) such as

  • Properties (e.g. certificate, order)
  • Teams (e.g. sales or purchasing)
  • User roles
  • customers etc.

This makes traditional, confusing folder structures for filing superfluous.

Files and information are automatically organised by the system in such a way that users can find them based on their properties - within seconds company-wide.

Further advantages: Duplicates are avoided, all participants always work with the most current version of the respective document. These are always placed in a context by means of keywords, which simplifies and at the same time accelerates the provision of information - around the clock, on a wide variety of end devices.

With the introduction of M-Files, we were able to further advance the digitalisation of our company. As usual, TSO-DATA supported us in a very cooperative and professional manner.  Certificates, test reports and other documents can now be found in the blink of an eye and do not have to be searched for long. The direct connection to our ERP system with the DMS Connector from TSO-DATA was extremely easy to implement. M-Files simplifies our processes, we save time and benefit from significantly increased efficiency in our daily business. This is regularly confirmed by the departments and employees concerned.

Dennis Alaze, Inhouse IT Consultant Freeze-Dry Foods GmbH

Connect ERP and M-Files smartly with the DMS Connector

Another major advantage: M-Files can be integrated directly into existing business software solutions. The DMS Connector, an interface developed by TSO-DATA, connects document management systems such as M-Files directly with Freeze-Dry Foods' ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Since the setup of the DMS Connector is designed to be particularly convenient, this step could be carried out independently by the food specialists.

The integration of M-Files directly in the ERP system offers great advantages. By displaying the DMS drop form in the list and card views, it is possible to open the stored documents in the familiar Business Central environment and switching between different systems/user interfaces is reduced to a minimum.  

At the same time, the data and process quality is increased, because the DMS Connector not only enables the viewing of documents, but also facilitates the filing of incoming files such as invoices, offers, delivery notes or complete e-mails. These are simply dragged and dropped onto the M-Files button in Business Central, the corresponding document class (e.g. contract, invoice, etc.) is selected and the DMS Connector stores the file with the associated metadata such as "number" and "contact" of the corresponding process.

In addition to the fast filing of incoming files, the DMS Connector can also automatically archive reports generated in Business Central, such as posted sales invoices, with metadata in M-Files. Complicated filing and time-consuming searches are no longer necessary, so all relevant information is always in focus in both Business Central and M-Files.

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