Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA
Aktuelle News aus der Microsoft Dynamics Welt und von TSO-DATA

NIVEA Haus - Optimisation of business processes with LS Central

Since 1882, the Beiersdorf name has stood for innovative skin care. The secret of its success has always been its strong innovative power and the consistent further development of unique brands and products. 

As Beiersdorf AG's skin care brand, NIVEA is the No. 1 brand among many consumers and enjoys great awareness and popularity. The targeted brand image promises that high-quality skin care is within everyone's reach. NIVEA meets all relevant skin care needs in a way that excites and engages consumers in equal measure. In this way, NIVEA encourages consumers to try out products and to win these customers as brand ambassadors.

Omni-channel - modern retailing

NIVEA recognised early on that the major impact of the challenges that have existed since 2020 will affect the entire retail industry for a long time. Retailers have to face many new tasks, especially due to technological development. This includes building omnichannel marketing with the perfect digital activation across all touchpoints as well as a contemporary, high-quality brand experience in the shop that enables a more personalised customer approach. Supported by innovative and inspiring products as well as knowledgeable and friendly sales staff to drive customer loyalty and a memorable shopping experience.

Sustainable and secure solution

In order to solve these tasks in their own NIVEA Haus flagship stores in a contemporary way and thus further enhance the brand experience, the NIVEA Haus team decided to use LS Central, or rather to update its predecessor LS Nav. The new option of being able to use LS Central as a central system with the diverse and required functionalities at NIVEA Haus precisely meets the company's requirements for an optimally scalable and yet all-encompassing retail and business solution.

The sustainability of the industry solution, which is based on the Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP system from Microsoft, also convinced the NIVEA Haus team. A basis that is always maintained and kept up to date, which can also be quickly and easily adapted to new requirements through app-based extensions, offers long-term security.

"The increased productivity of our branch processes and the direct access to a common database through the conversion to LS Central significantly optimise our processes. Together with the ERP experts from TSO-DATA, we have thus created the perfect basis for a sustainable system solution and can face the challenges of the future."

Marcel Görner, IT-Manager

Into the cloud

The current hosting of the system and the databases in Beiersdorf's own cloud was an infrastructural challenge that the specialists at TSO-DATA were able to successfully solve. Initially, the databases were hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and migrated directly from there to the Beiersdorf Cloud, with LS Central itself being operated as an on-premises solution. In this way, Beiersdorf's high security requirements are optimally met.

Another major advantage of the cloud solution is the direct access of the online tills to a common and always up-to-date database as a single point of truth. For example, offer prices for special promotions are immediately available everywhere at the same time. Conversely, cash register data from the central system can be connected to secondary systems for various purposes and thus directly evaluated in a reporting system for optimised planning.

The path to a solution that is provided completely from the cloud in the future is thus well prepared for Beiersdorf. This model will then require significantly less investment in the company's own infrastructure and always guarantees the use of the latest software versions.

Productivity through networking

With the connection of various branch locations and hardware such as cash register systems, scanners or printers, direct productivity increases can be measured. For example, the goods receipt process is accelerated threefold by means of online MDE devices, and in the case of underdeliveries, for example, complaints can be created directly in the process thanks to comparison with the invoice. Likewise, several products can be quickly and easily assembled and combined into one for special sales campaigns via a connected MDE device. Thanks to the automation of certain processes, employees are further relieved. For example, LS Central checks the stock levels of the branches within the scope of replenishment and automatically reorders required goods; an EDI connection processes delivery notes and posts the corresponding invoices.

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